Monday, September 13, 2004


Armadillo: "At this point, I knocked off for a quick dinner, and rejoined the con at 7:00 for a panel on 'Movies That Should be Remade'. In addition to the aforementioned Klaw and Finn (sounds like an animal act), Bill Crider, one of the elder statesmen, and Howard Waldrop joined in this panel. This panel was probably more serious than you might have thought, because the participants were very knowledgeable and had very good assessment of what worked (and couldn't work again) and what didn't work (and could never be made to work) in some classic and not-so-classic movies."

Someone sent me this review of Armadillocon, which confirms my worst fears. "Elder statesman," indeed. Well, at least he didn't say, "Old fart."


Steven Torres said...

Hold on. I've been waiting to become the elder statesman of something. It's an honor. Not just an honor, it's a dubious honor. I've always wanted one of those. Be proud.


Bill said...

I don't mind the "statesman" part. It's the "elder" that gets me. And what makes it worse is, that's the part that's true.