Monday, June 28, 2004

Lee Goldberg has discovered Harry Whittington: A Writer's Life: "I'm supposed to be concentrating on writing my next MISSING script, which preps in a week. But I made the mistake of picking up Harry Whittington's A MOMENT TO PREY and couldn't stop reading it until I was through. Wow. What an amazing book."

It always cheers me up when someone discovers one of the great old paperbackers. I've been collecting Whittington's books for nearly 40 years now, and I think I have most of them. I'm still looking for a couple he wrote as Henry (or possibly Henri) Whittier, and there may be others. It's hard to know for sure. For anyone who's interested in reading Whittington, I'd recommend BRUTE IN BRASS and A NIGHT FOR SCREAMING as a couple of other great places to begin.


Vince said...

I'm also coming to Whittington late, but with a lot of enthusiasm. The first of his books that I read was YOU'LL DIE NEXT, featuring your introduction. Marvelous stuff. That ending is hard to beat.

Unknown said...

Yeah, that's another good one. Whittington didn't hit a homer every time, but he could flat-out tell a story. I hope you can find some more of the good ones.