Wednesday, December 11, 2002

December 11, 2002: So it's been a while since I posted. So what?

I love it when politicians put their feet in their mouths, and the latest is Trent Lott. It was bad enough that he said it once, and the Republican spinners immediately started in about how "it was said in the heat of the moment, just a tribute to a fine old fella, nothing more." But of course Lott had said it before, more than 20 years before, and in almost exactly the same words. Which would indicate to me (if to no one else) that he really meant it and that he really meant it exactly the way it sounded. But the talk-radio blatherers will spin out of it in some ridiculous way that only the talk-radio audience would believe.

And speaking of the talk-radio blatherers, one of the Houston ones was talking yesterday about sending a letter to the "Hollywood left," advising them never to write open letters to the president again. After all, the "Hollywood left" is composed of morons, as we all know. I suppose the Hollywood right, on the other hand, is composed of geniuses who should be president, like Ronald Reagan. And nobody seems to want ask what the difference is between actors and radio-talkshow hosts, who all proclaim that they're just entertainers, as Limbaugh does again and again, yet who seem to think that their opinions on everything are not only right but the only opinions that anyone should ever hear. What they are is hypocrites of the first water.

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