Thursday, June 28, 2012

Overlooked Music: Born at the Right Time -- The Kingston Trio

This is a quite recent release, but I figure you've all overlooked it and that it deserved a little publicity. It's the latest CD by the current version of The Kingston Trio, which now includes no members of the original group. The name is still owned by Bob Shane, the last surviving member, and he's still heavily involved with the business of the KT. So it's not surprising that he makes a guest appearance on the CD. The song's called "Every Inch of the Way," and it's one of many good ones. In fact, while I have several favorites, I don't think there's a weak song in the batch. (Okay, I admit that "Turkish Delight from the Dardanelles" is a 56-second throwaway.)

The sound isn't the same as the original group's, but that's fine. This is three different guys, and they're all excellent singers and musicians with their own ideas and their own sound. It's a good one, too.

As for my favorites on the CD, one would be "Blackleg Miner," which would have fit on to any of the original group's albums, where it would've been sung by Dave Guard. I like "Barrett's Privateers" just as much, though I suppose that if it had been on the albums of the early years, they'd have had to blot out the "god damn" with some strums. "La Migra" is a powerful number, just right for the Time to Think album of nearly 50 years ago. Lots of other goodies here, and if you were a fan of the KT in those long-ago days, you should give this one a try.


  1. Given that they have none of the original guys, is there any Hawaiian influence on the record, as the original trio might've felt up to exploring eventually? (I'm not sure I ever heard them do so, actually).

  2. There was some on the early albums by the original group. Not on this one, though

  3. John Jacob11:29 PM

    there absolutely IS Hawaiin influences throughout the CD. Chere was written by someone who has lived in the islands all his life. Bob shane's cut has an island sensability to name a few