Thursday, June 21, 2012

Free Today for Kindle

The Early Crap: Selected Short Stories, The Early Crap: Selected Short Stories, 1997-2005 eBook: Anthony Neil Smith: Kindle Store: A collection of Anthony Neil Smith's earliest short stories, written between 1997-2005 and published in a variety of journals, full of dark humor, bizarre characters, holy rollers, and even a Civil War era ghost. Stories include "Javaphobia", "Backslide", "Bitter Soul", "Ahead of the Game", and several others.


  1. Gerard3:16 PM

    Why, yes, I am tempted to leave the same kind of smart-ass reply on leave on Smith's blog.
    No, I do not know Smith very well, I just have a bad habit of leaving smart-ass comments.

  2. Gerard8:24 PM

    Way to go, Myself. You just cannot shut up can you? Keep digging that hole...

  3. Gerard9:00 PM

    Aarrgh. Now I am completely overthinking and worrying and turning into Crazy Internet Guy.

    Let me change topics in my head...will the follow-up to ALL THE YOUNG WARRIORS stay in MN or travel again?