Sunday, December 30, 2007

This is Another of Those Links . . .

. . . that you really don't want to click.

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  1. gomer2:33 PM

    She ain't really one for what you would call details, is she. "I had sex in the bathroom, I had sex in the car, and then I had sex on the roof and then, oh my, i had sex in the bathroom again, and then i had sex once again in the bathroom....." and then go on for another ten thousand instances, changing the location...OR NOT...each time. Well, good for her, how fascinating of her to tell us nothing. I suspect there was nothing to tell: all the sex never produced an infant, Dr. Moreau had to supply the abracadabra. I aint buyin' none of it. She projects about as much human aura as a Stepford Wife. A Sith couldn't pick up her vibe. A Borg would walk right past her thinking she was already a machine. It would take a year to recover from the initial conjugal visit, and not from exhaustion, from anemia.