Thursday, September 29, 2005

One More Sign of the Apocalypse

I couldn't resist linking to this survey that I read about on Dave Barry's blog. If these are the world's favorite songs, it's no wonder there are hurricanes in the Gulf, wars in the Middle East, and soaring gasoline prices. The End Is Near. I need to get myself a sandwich board and stand on a street corner in Houston to warn everybody. But that would just cause another apocalyptic evacuation. So to speak.


  1. Geez! A Brittany Spears song is a "classic?" The world is doomed.

  2. Jeff Meyerson12:19 PM

    Apocalyptic Evacuation WBAGNFARB

    Otherwise the survey is a joke.

    Where's "Half Breed" or "Tell Laura I Love Her"?

  3. Where's "Afternoon Delight"?

  4. Where the hell is "Sunglasses At Night"? What has the world come to?