Saturday, October 26, 2013

Armageddon Films FAQ -- Dale Sherman

Stories and novels about the end of the world as we know it have always fascinated me.  One of my favorites is Richard Matheson's I Am Legend, so my favorite chapter in Dale Sherman's massive (well over 400 pages) study of Armageddon films is the one on that book and the movies made from it.  The chapter isn't just some cursory glance.  First comes a discussion of the novel, and it's followed by a thorough examination of each movie made from it, with first the plot being laid out and then we're told what the novel and the movie have in common and what's different.  Even the notorious (to some of us) I Am Omega is included here.

My other favorite chapter is the one on "Ten Famous Apocalyptic Novels Never Turned into a Major Film."  Several of my favorites are mentioned (including Earth Abides and A Canticle for Leibowitz).  But the the whole book is full of interesting material.  You can't go wrong with stuff like this.  Check it out.


Kelly Robinson said...

Both Earth Abides and Canticle for Liebowitz are among my top ten favorite post-apoc novels. I think I might cringe if either of them were filmed, though.

Dale Sherman said...


Thanks for reviewing my new book on your blog! I remember a little over a year ago you were the first person to review my KISS FAQ book, and now you're the first to do so for my new one. I'm glad you enjoyed both! Much appreciated!


Bill Crider said...

My son is a major KISS fan, so I passed that one along to him. He was quite appreciative.

Tom Johnson said...

Surely they mention ON THE BEACH, one of my favorites. Both the original and remake.