Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Fifty Greatest Cult Movies of All Time

The Fifty Greatest Cult Movies of All Time

Link via SF Signal.


Bud said...

Well, as usual, what does "cult movie" mean? If it means "over the top but fun", then I'd throw in "Big Trouble in Little China". If it means "full of cliches before they became cliches" and/or "good ensemble acting by actors before they became 'famous'", then give me "Between the Lines" (1977)

Anonymous said...

Well, they went wrong right off the bat. BARBARELLA? They're kidding, right? Try and watch it today. It's embarrassingly awful. One that I knew they'd include (and rightly so) which I hated the most was ERASERHEAD, which gave me a mammoth headache.

Overall, I've seen 42 of the 50, for whatever that says about me.


Brent McKee said...

Jeff, "Barbarella" was always embarrassingly awful. That's part of the charm, and part of why it's a cult movie. Cult films, as a whole tend to be awful - or regarded as awful - to most people but have a following among a core of devotees. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" has the same qualities; most people are like my brother and can't stand it but there are those who love it.

Of course the fact that "Barbarella" was the first time that sex kitten Jane Fonda (before her radical period and before the Vietnam War trip, not to mention her journey to becoming a serious actress) did a nude scene didn't exactly hurt the movie's cult status.

Bud said...

I bow to Brent McKee's definition.