Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sylvia Kristel, R. I. P.

Fox News: Actress Sylvia Kristel, the Dutch star of the hit 1970s erotic movie "Emmanuelle," has died of cancer at age 60. Her agent, Features Creative Management, said in a statement Thursday that Kristel died in her sleep Wednesday night. Kristel, a model who turned to acting in the 1970s, had been fighting cancer for several years.


  1. Wow. Though of course as a young'n, outside of stills in other people's PLAYBOYs, I was mostly aware of her through the GET SMART! film THE NUDE BOMB.

    Odd how this kind of bulletin makes one sort of "jump" without actually jumping...

  2. Wasn't she in one of those Airport movies--or am I thinking of Sybil Danning?