Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sheriff Rhodes Update

The next Sheriff Dan Rhodes novel, Compound Murder, will be out in August of 2013.  I've just been offered a contract for two more novels, which would see the sheriff into 2015.   At my age it's a little scary to look that far ahead, I'm glad he keeps getting reelected.

However, he's not welcome in the Texas Prison System.  Books are often given to prisoners, but the books are always checked first to see if they're appropriate.  I learned today that Of All Sad Words is unacceptable.  Those of you who have read it (all of you, I'm sure) will recall that one of the plot elements is bootleg whiskey, and there's a description of a still.  Since the book gives a little information about the making of illegal alcohol, it's been deemed inappropriate for the prisoners to read.  I can understand why, and I'm glad to learn that they'd never be able to figure out on their own how to make anything with alcohol in it.


  1. Seepy Benton1:14 PM

    I thought it had been banned because I revealed too many math secrets.

  2. Great news about forthcoming novels.

    I thought the ban was protect the prisoners from Seepy's music and jokes.

  3. BANNED IN TEXAS! That should increase book sales.

  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Excellent news.

    How do they feel about THE TEXAS CAPITOL MURDERS? Or BLOOD MARKS?


  5. I think prison authorities just don't want the inmates to be reminded of potables more tasty than toilet wine.