Wednesday, September 21, 2011

McBain/Hunter Update

The Bunburyist: Preliminary info, McBain/Hunter companion (ed. Foxwell).: McFarland has posted some preliminary details on Ed McBain/ Evan Hunter: A Companion to the Mystery Fiction by Erin E. MacDonald, volume 3 in the series of reference works on mystery authors that I edit (volume 1 on John Buchan; volume 2 on E. X., aka Elizabeth, Ferrars). It is tentatively scheduled for publication in spring/summer 2012.


  1. Gerard1:23 PM

    How nerdy is it that I want to read this?

  2. I hope there are lots of readers like Gerard who want to read the book :-) and that there will be good synergy with the McBain reissues by amazon's Thomas & Mercer imprint.

  3. Gerard2:49 PM

    I would hope so as well. I just a did a weed list for my library because we are out of room in our Mystery section. I was both sad and happy to see that there were several 87th Precinct novels on the list. Sad because they are great books. Happy because I get first crack at buying them.

  4. Erin asked to use a few of my quotes in the McBain/Hunter book and afterward downloaded me the finished manuscript. She's done an excellent job--extremely well-researched and also extremely readable. She and Elizabeth should be proud.

  5. Gerard1:42 PM

    I put the book on order.