Monday, March 29, 2010

Remakes and Re-imaginings

75 movie remakes and reboots currently in the works - Den of Geek: "Hollywood loves its remakes, and increasingly loves its reboots too. Here are 75 movie and TV projects that are currently in various stages of production..."


  1. I suppose there's no point in commenting on Hollywood's lack of imagination. Who among us hasn't already done so?

    That said, I wouldn't mind a Shadow movie.

  2. We all have, Randy, and I didn't see but one thing on that list that I'd pay to see, and that one - Jurassic Park 4 - only because I'm a dies-in-the-wool fan of those films.

  3. Anders E12:00 PM

    If the new version of Death Wish follows Brian Garfield's novel rather than Bronsons killfest it might be interesting. Somehow I doubt that will be the case, however.

    Otherwise, it's really difficult to choose which idea is the dumbest.

  4. Stephen B3:12 PM

    I must say this is sad news.

    It offers reinforcement to my watching many older and classic movies, and holding off on so many of the newer films that I could watch.

  5. What about the full-color 3-D wide-screen 4-hour state-of-the-art-fx re-make of MARTY ?

  6. Stephen B.3:29 PM

    Remakes prove that people get set in a certain way of thinking, and buy things only because they are on TARGET shelves or a BEST BUY store.

    I like original movies, and there are plenty out there. And plenty more that are a bit dated and I can't imagine anyone having to see the need that we should get a new version...