Monday, February 08, 2010

And Keep Off His Lawn!

Man, 94, fights off home invader in Thebarton | Adelaide Now: "AN elderly western suburbs man fought off an intruder in his home early this morning.

Cliff Longmore said he woke up just after 4am to find a man in his bedroom in Thebarton, rifling through his drawers.

'I jumped out of bed and I tackled him, Mr Longmore said, I was wrestling him around.''"


  1. Awesome. We had a case in Nashville several years ago where an elderly lady who had a guy holding a knife on top of her and attempting to rape her go his just due when she literally beat him comatose with a six-pack of Sprite that was under her sofa. Why in the world didn't we get an ad for that one? That would honestly make me want to go buy some Sprite. That's at least two up for the geezers . . .

  2. Soon the whippersnappers will learn to leave us alone. And keep off our lawns.

  3. Jerry House1:13 PM

    And all you whippersnappers keep your hands out of our drawers!