Saturday, May 02, 2009

Will the Persecution Never End?

SCARLETT SUFFERS DIRECT BLOW- New York Post: "SCARLETT Johansson's dream of being a director was dashed on her first try.

Johansson -- who's said in the past she'd prefer to direct rather than act -- helmed a segment for the upcoming movie 'New York, I Love You,' a series of intertwined love stories shot by several auteurs, including Brett Ratner and Natalie Portman.

But unfortunately for Johansson, her segment, starring Kevin Bacon and shot in black and white, was deemed 'unwatchable,' sources said."


  1. Bah! She should have help fixing it instead of being deemed "unwatchable". Heck, she should have had help FILMING it as a nouveau director. But that's just me...

  2. Gerard12:33 PM

    I'd given a big blow... heh heh heh.

    Wait a minute...

  3. Obviously, her intellectual/artistic vision is so far above the rest of the crowd that they were simply unable to comprehend the inherent greatness in her film. After she's dead and gone, the world will realize what a staggering work of art this is. Scarlett, if you're reading this, give me a call.