Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's the Queen of all Monsters . . .

. . . Queen Kong!


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Casebeer had the British paperback tie-in displayed in a place of honor on his "Gorilla Wall" (next to the DC Comics Our Fighting Forces featuring "You Can't Pin a Medal on a Gorilla!"). I thought it was a gag, but evidently not.

    Wasn't it Johnny Carson who used "Rula Lenska" as a catch-phrase code for talentless actress? (Later superceded by "Pia Zadora")

    Art Scott

  2. Rula sold a lot of Noxema shaving cream.

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    WRONG! That was Gunilla Knutson.


  4. Well, this answers a decades-old question for me: Who is Rula Lenska and what had she done before those hair coloring commercials?

  5. I was so in love with Gunilla! RTN shows the lime Noxema shave cream ad as one of their retromercials. No wonder I prefer lime to lemon - an atavistic memory from the salad days of my "yute".

    QK would make a good double-bill with Village of the Giants (1965).

  6. Todd Mason6:57 PM

    Well, Lenska knew how to pick her projects, anyway. This does look as if it, in its sub-BENNY HILL SHOW way, might rival REPTILICUS! for the dishonors of worst giant monster movie ever shown to paying audiences.

  7. It's definitely in the running.