Sunday, April 06, 2008

I Used to OD on Hectograph Fumes

Boy, 8, suspended after sniffing Sharpie marker - The Denver Post: "WESTMINSTER —A Westminster parent says Adams School District 50 overreacted by suspending a third-grade student for smelling Sharpie marker fumes and the clothing on which he'd drawn a stripe."


  1. Who didn't love to sniff the product of the old Spirit Duplicator?

  2. Hecto and Ditto were two different highs. I was a mimeograph man myself.I love the smell of fresh ink in the morning. It smells like...faanishness. (Correct spelling, BTW.)

  3. I was in grade school at the end of the mimeo era. It was my first experience with altered states of consciousness in conjunction with the educational system.

    I've never looked back.

  4. Toner just doesn't have the same quality, no. However, Sharpies, clearly, and Dry Erase markers are here to pick up the slack.

    Airplane glue, while putting together Aurora monster models and Estes rockets, always just game me a headache. I'll leave the huffing to the huffers.

  5. Karin M8:02 PM

    Crayola's "Silly Scents Markers add an extra dimension to creativity and fun! With zany names and scents, these Markers will spark children's imaginations and keep them laughing!"

    So who can be surprised if a kid keeps on sniffing?