Monday, April 28, 2008

10 Nearly Forgotten Number One Songs

I remember 8 of these quite well, and in fact, I have several versions of "Telstar" on my computer, including one by Bobby Rydell (don't ask).

10 Nearly Forgotten Number One Songs - The List Universe: "As the decades pass, some songs increase in popularity when they reach new listeners via concerts, advertising, or movie soundtracks. Others aren’t readily available commercially, and thus become nearly forgotten.

This list is of outstanding songs many casual listeners will not be familiar with, and placed #1 on the Billboard US Hot 100 chart. Please feel free to post how many of the selections you have heard along with your comments."


  1. Very interesting list, Bill. I wonder how many people under 30 would look at the entries from the '50s and early '60s -- like "Deep Purple" and "Sukiyaki" -- and ask, "What planet did these people live on?"

  2. Todd Mason10:42 AM

    Rydell made up lyrics for "Telstar"?

  3. Anonymous11:59 AM

    We once saw Andy Williams sing "Gotta Fly Now" but Bobby Rydell "singing" Telstar?


    "Telstar" was the first British song to hit #1 on the US charts, by the way.

    Jeff M.

  4. Andy Williams must have liked to do lyrics for instrumental hits: "Canadian Sunset," "Moon River."

    I don't know who made up the lyrics to "Telstar," but Bobby does the vocal.

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    And how could anyone forget "Quarter to Three"?


  6. That's what I wondered. Didn't Gary U. S. Bonds tour with Springsteen for a while?

  7. He did. And Little Steven from the E Street Band (and THE SOPRANOS) will be one of those who never allows ? and the Mysterians to be forgotten.

  8. I never heard the ones from the 1980s, having given up on Top 40 stations when disco came in, but I remember all the others. In fact, I used to know the chords and English words to Sukiyaki.

  9. Not signing in case I'm nuts9:20 PM

    I'm probably hallucinating, but that looks like John Lennon in the bottom right-hand corner of the stage for 96 Tears. Check out 1:16 and 2:15. Am I nuts?

  10. Well, you could be nuts, but there's a resemblance. Probably one of Paul Revere's Raiders, though. They were the house band for WHERE THE ACTION IS.