Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lindsay Lohan as MM

Thanks to Todd Mason, who (in a comment below) tipped me to this link. Lohan as Marilyn.


  1. Well there goes whatever was left of the good girl image.

    The thing about the real Marilyn was that it wasn't her body that made her sexy it was her face and her personality. I never thought that her body was that great - she had a big butt and her breasts weren't abnormally large. It was the force of her personality that conveyed a sort of "virgin whore" quality, innocent but knowing. With Lohan half of that equation is missing and I think we all know which half. Her body is probably better (smaller butt bigger breasts) but there's none of the playfulness in this shoot that there was in Marilyn's photos. Lohan comes across as icy. Ironically though both did the nude shoots for the same reason, to revive a career on the downswing.

  2. Lohan had to try reviving hers at a much earlier age.

  3. What the hell is wrong with all you blathering jug-justifying dilapidated goofballs. Like it frigging matters what the artistic quality or the subliminal spirituality or the effluviant metaphysics or ethical parallels are fa crise sakes: we gut some total hottie takin' her clothes off. Period. I would like to thank Todd Mason for providing Bill Crider with the link to this site, and I would like to thank Bill Crider for being sane enough to share it with all of us leering, nothing-to-live-for, wife-fearing, slipper-dragging, breakfast-drooling, stay-off-my-goddamn-lawn cranky, raspy-voiced male crones, and I would like to thank the American Rehab Program if it can turn a marginally libertine hot female into a totally naked rampaging vulgarian career-boosting entertainment juggernaut skin-baring dynamo of lust-provoking
    wanton, ground-slithering agent of sins of the flesh. God bless us all. Gee: I think I just composed my first Sunday prayer of thanksgiving. I might haffta go into preachin' as a final, pre-interment career.

  4. In some of those shots Lohan's face looks terrible. The body is fine, tho.

  5. Anonymous5:56 PM

    As I noted below, she looks as exhausted as "Monroe" did...which certainly folds in with Bill's response to Brent.