Sunday, January 06, 2008

You Want Hillbilly Noir?

Then just read this article.

| Showbiz | News of the World: "A panic call from Britney Spears' husband sparked her stand-off with cops - because he feared she would SHOOT DEAD their two sons.

As Brit left hospital, a pal said: 'K-Fed was terrified. He realised she had a gun where she was holding them.'

We can reveal that Kevin Federline feared his ex would use the Beretta pistol he bought her as a birthday gift to MURDER their two young sons."


  1. Not even your gal Paris has amassed such a track record in generating free publicity, day in and day out for years on end, on the slightest pretext. Was Brit perhaps jealous of the recent competition from her little sister?

  2. Paris is much too classy for this kind of a mess. Maybe you're right about the jealousy.

  3. if he bought her a gun he wants her to use it. i gut this bastard's number all over the place. he's a bad seed.

  4. Zorro Albanil1:45 PM

    Paris does seem sane in comparison, but I suspect sinister behind-the-scenes manipulation...PH driven mad by her sex-tape partner wedding Pamela Anderson, PH chatting up Federline...and where was Nicky during all this? Yes...

  5. Anonymous7:20 AM

    fred is right - I've been convinced that jealousy over sis's publicity for getting pregnant is what set this off in the first place.

    Plus, she's a whacko.

    But what's Dr. Phil's excuse, showing up at the hospital with a camera crew. The man should have his license revoked.

    And the hospital needs to be fined heavily for letting him in.

    Jeff M.

  6. Gerard9:08 AM

    Nerd that I am, my first thought was, "What kind of Beretta? A 92? One of those Cougars? Maybe an 85?"