Monday, January 14, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Anybody watch this besides me? I was curious, but now that I've seen one episode, I don't think I'll tune in again. Summer Glau was great, but I missed Linda Hamilton. And Arnold. One question: If Terminators can't shoot any better than the one on the show last night, how did the machines ever win?


  1. I was busy with "Comanche Moon" the last in the Lonesome Dove saga--actually the pre-quel that gives the background on Call and McRae.

    I was pleased. The young guys are no Jones and Duval, but they played the parts pretty well. Val Kilmer is a little stiff as Captain Scull, but starts to come into his own when he turns the Ranger troup over to Call and McRae, leaving with Famous Shoes on foot in search of the theives that have taken his horse. We're giving night 2 of three a chance, which means I'll have to tune in for the ending too.

    As for "Sarah Connor" I wasn't intrigued by the previews, don't think I'll join in on this one.

  2. I agree, Bill. They just didn't look right. Actually, in none of the films, were the Terminators able to shoot well. How did they nearly wipe out the humans?

  3. norby9:41 AM

    I almost watched this just for Summer Glau. She was great on Firefly and in Serenity-one of the most graceful human beings. But I'm just not that into Terminator.

  4. Volume, volume, volume. Like SW storm troopers.

    I watched it, thought it pretty slight if fun enough, and the increasingly starved if still striking Lena Headey is all of fourteen years older than Thomas Dekker, playing her son, and looks even less. I like the clever sleaze of having Headey, in her opening nightmare, wearing such an abbreviated skirt so that she might both feel vulnerable and also use that to her advantage. Also, in the opening narration, Headey's Brit attempted US accent slipped a bit, leaving here sounding vaguely Australian, but she was better in that regard in other sequences. Lots of questionable stuff, such as how robot Cameron managed to register herself for school, but we're not supposed to ask those questions when everything's exploding so purty and all.

    COMANCHE MOON looks like it has a hell of a cast, and I suspect I'll enjoy catching the repeat.

  5. Todd, another thought I had when Dekker woke up in the first scene was that he looked as old as his mother.

  6. I expected it to be howlingly bad, but it exceeded expectations. Just not by enough to make me feel like watching it again. "River Tam Beats Up Everyone" is a nice punchline, but a weak premise for a show.

  7. Great comic. Thanks for the link.

  8. Indeed, cute comic. The Headey-Dekker vibe in the early going did have a vaguely Oedipal feel.

  9. I went straight from The Amazing Race to Comanche Moon instead. I confess that I thought it dragged a bit, at least in the first hour or so. The amazing Rachel Griffiths got plenty of "scenery chewing time" but so far the role seems like a waste of a great actress. Kilmer is great as Inish Scull though. (Does anyone think the weight that he's gained is a bit of overcompensation for the dieting he did for Tombstone?)

    Never been a huge fan of the Terminator saga: loved the first movie (Arnie as killing machine), liked the second (the Renderman technology for the "liquid morphing" effect on the Robert Patrick Terminator was developed by a high school buddy of mine who is now VP or R&D at Pixar), couldn't be bothered with the third movie.

  10. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Bill, I agree with you & Todd for the most part. Headey was so sticklike that it was about all I noticed for the first quarter hour, plus her slipping accent.

    Dekker was too pretty with those eyelashes, and way too whiny.

    Summer was great. The FBI guy was just annoyingly stupid - maybe all those kids made up the "robot leg" - and the Terminator was the worst shot I've ever seen.

    But if you do watch tonight, the actor was replaced by Garret Dillahunt, who played nasty in Deadwood, ER and The 4400.

    Maybe he can shoot straighter.

    Jeff M.

  11. Well, that would be an improvement.

  12. Well, if any of them could shoot straight, nothing certainly would've happened very far into the T2, given at least the obnoxious kid's anti-survival haircut and attitude. The third film, except in terms of sfx, was far superior.