Friday, October 26, 2007

Paris Hilton Would Never Behave this Badly

Access Hollywood | Britney Spears Storms Out Of Court Sobbing, Cursing | Celebrity and Hollywood News: "UPDATE 4:10 PM, Pacific — Britney Spears made a brief exit from court just moments ago. The pop singer stormed out of the courtroom in an agitated state. She was yelling, “Eat it! Lick it! Snort it! F*** it!”

Spears' lawyers ran after her, as did her former assistant, Alli Sims, who is with her in court.

Britney then returned to the courtroom, sobbing."


  1. She isnt cursing. that's the title of one of the songs on her new album. "Eat it, lick it, snort it, eff it, you're my little honey bucket, you're my dreamy little hottie, i like you a real whole lotty, i will be your girl you betcha, come to my door i will letcha, we will be so very happy, our days will be real snap snap snappy. Burma Shave." It rocks. She rules.

  2. She was merely explaining what she had to tell K-Fed to initiate foreplay.

  3. What's hard to believe is that K-Fed is looking like the classy one.

  4. No one bothers to follow him around.