Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Apollo Moonwalk!

I remember it well. A great moment. A sad reminder of what the space program used to be able to accomplish, too, I guess.


  1. Jeff Meyerson8:52 AM

    We were in the country for the weekend (pre-marriage) visiting Jackie's parents but made it back in time to see this.

  2. Todd Mason2:07 PM

    One of the livelier discussions on the FM2 list a year or five back was sparked when I noted that at that time, the current space race seemed to be between China and Brazil...reminding the assembled of L. Sprague de Camp and Eric Frank Russell stories, among other matters. Brazil's been less active since.

  3. You can bet it won't be the U.S. in the race.

  4. Todd Mason3:14 PM

    NASA still has some interesting projects in the lineup, such as the Dawn mission to the asteroids, but it sure would be nice to recapture NASA from the contractors it was given over to entire in the Raygun Admin.