Saturday, May 26, 2007

Poetry Corner

A while back I confessed on Crimespace that my earliest publications were poems. I was published in a few "little magazines," and I actually got paid for my work in The Runner and Grit. Now and then the poetic muse still seizes me, and I produce poems full of pith and moment. Also full of symbolism and metaphorical language. But mostly full of pith. To wit:

There was a young laddie from York
Who ate all his meals with a spork.
He then tried a spife
But soon lost his life --
Cut his throat while eating, the dork.

Thank you. Thank you very much, ladies and germs. You're a wonderful audience. I'll be here all week.


  1. I haven't read poetry of this quality in a long time.

  2. I like to provide a class post like this now and then just to prove that I'm a sophisticated guy.

  3. Can we look forward to regular visits to poetry corner? If I'd had this when I was teaching sophomores, they might have read more poetry. Heck, I might have read more poetry.

  4. If we're lucky, the visits to Poetry Corner will be few and far between.

  5. This is awesome. Also, not enough poetry uses word
    spork" IMHO.

  6. Absolutely. That word was my inspiration.