Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tune In Tomorrow!

Coming up on "It's a Mystery":
Jan 29th: Anthony Award winner and Edgar nominee Bill Crider, author of numerous mysteries including Murder among the OWLS featuring Sheriff Dan Rhodes, and part 1 of a radio production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood starring Herbert Marshall. The show runs 11:00 until noon Eastern time, 10:00 Central.

Here's the site where you can listen live, or you can listen later to the archived show.

Who is the host of "It's a Mystery"?
Elizabeth Foxwell produces and hosts "It's a Mystery." Elizabeth won the Agatha Award for Best Short Story for "No Man's Land," which also was nominated for a Macavity Award; is the managing editor of CLUES: A Journal of Detection, the only US academic journal on mystery and detective fiction; and has published several short stories and numerous articles on mysteries as well as edited nine mystery anthologies.


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Is Sheriff Dan going to take up the Drood case? Does he think John Jasper did it? Dan's going to have difficulty finding Dr Pepper in Cloisterham.

    Art Scott

  2. Dan's going to have trouble even being understood in Cloisterham.

  3. Todd Mason8:25 PM

    Debbie Bradshaw's still doing a show on Mondays, only she's presumably married someone named Sears. She used to have the slot before Donna's and my show, then just my show, SWEET FREEDOM, on Sundays. Man, Debbie's been on their for at least fifteen years now. I'll be listening...does EF do the show live or pretaped?

  4. It will be live, and the way the phones around here have been acting up, that should be fun. We have a static problem, in spite of a lot of work by the phone company.

  5. Todd Mason10:56 AM

    Wouldn't it have to be the case, a work matter called me away till about half-way through the play of "Desperado" in your honor...I'll have to seek out that archive, but the only archiving I can see so far is the short MP3 excerpts on Foxwell's site.

  6. I don't know about the archives. I'll have to check myself, since I'd like to hear it.

  7. Yes, Deb Sears's "Progressive Rock Diner" now airs on Mondays from 5-7 PM on WEBR and is Webcast at

    The entire interview with Bill is now posted at:

  8. Thanks, Beth. I'll post that URL to the blog in general.