Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bob Dylan is Sexier than I Am. And He's More Popular, Too.

Sure, you're saying. I knew that. Well, now we have proof. Ed Gorman sends me news of The Celebrity Ranker, which tells you how popular and how sexy people are. I checked out Bob Dylan. He's the web's 1658th most popular celeb and the 6529th sexiest. So I naturally had to compare myself with him, and it was a bitter disappointment. I'm the 7543rd most popular celeb, and (this really hurts) the 11,632nd sexiest. But you know what really hurts? Ed Gorman is more popular and sexier than I am. I think I'll just go lie down somewhere and sulk for the rest of the day.


  1. Jeff Meyerson11:43 AM

    Alex Rodriguez ranks the...

    3978th most popular

    11008th most sexy

    ...out of the 23768 celebrities on this site.

    You're in good company, Bill.

  2. You beat me with almost over 5,000 sexies! (Or whatever they should be called.. sex points?)

  3. I'd say you're in real trouble, Juri.

  4. I was amazed to see Cap'n Bob Napier listed. There was also a Robert Napier but it wasn't me. You won't be surprised to know that you're much more popular than I (7543 to 14192) but I'm sexier (11632 to 11275). Even at that, I feel gypped.

  5. We should check Stilwell's rank. I would, but it might be too depressing.

  6. ed gorman8:27 AM

    I sent you that url for the Celebrity Weblog without opening it myself. I just thought it was funny that in the blog description I saw of it the Pope turned out to be sexier than George Clooney (as I recall). I had no idea that people like us were listed. This whole thing has to be a goof. No offense to us my friend but I'm pretty sure that we don't belong on this list. If we're celebrities, the entire universe is in trouble.

  7. Even Steve Stilwell is there. So, yeah, we're in real trouble.