Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Robert Culp!

Hoby Gilman, Texas Ranger; Kelly Robinson; Bill Maxwell. Or just Robert Culp, 76 years old today.


  1. Scott Cupp (not Culp!!!)4:03 PM

    I have always hated him because when I SPY came on in 1966, everyone suddenly decided I needede to drop a P and add an L to my name. Four freaking letters - you would think people could read and speak.

  2. Bill Maxwell rules! What's the scenario, Counselor?

    Scott Culp, eh? Sounds like a SF writer I know. Writes stories about psychedelic rodents and guys by the name of Johnny Cannabis.

  3. Robert Culp is Bill Maxwell. What a tremendous talent; he narrates the Biography Will Rogers doc included in the DVD box set The Will Rogers Collection and does a superlative job.