Saturday, November 13, 2004

Today, the Geezers, Tomorrow, the World! - KLOL suddenly switches to Spanish format

Clear Channel has struck again. It wasn't enough that they'd screwed up the AM dial. Oh, no. Not for Clear Channel. As I was still reeling from the fact that the media mega-monster is changing Geezer Radio 790 AM to "all sports talk, all the time," CC suddenly and without warning changed the format of KLOL-FM (101.1) from rock to "Spanglish Top 40."


  1. No more "Runaway Radio." :-(

    I grew up with KLOL. At least, I did in high school and college. Before that, it was 93Q, (back then it hadn't yet turned in its morning zoo for ropers). I've heard that KLOL had slipped some in recent years, but come on. Houston has something like six Tejano stations now? And no AOR? Generic syndication deals can't be THAT much more profittable...

  2. The Tacoma-Seattle area has plenty of geezer stations, but the main oldies station started out with the promise that "we don't talk over the music." That lasted about a year. Now it's the same ego-tripping, motor-mouthed dj rap that destroys every song with a musical introduction. Want to hear that nice guitar lead-in on "Crimson and Clover?" Buy the record. You'll never hear it on KBSG.